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What’s Included in a Méldeen Invitation Suite

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In the modern days of weddings, we are seeing the blurred lines of rules as it applies to a couple’s invitation suite. Each couple has individualized needs based on their specific wedding. Some couples need to supply their guests maps and additional information, and some just want to dress an invite up with a textured envelope liner. A couple’s unique invitation suite might include personalized signage at the bar, customized cocktail napkins or fanciful extras the day of. During our first consultation we determine their exact needs for their wedding invitation invite and also begin discussing creative ‘day of’ options.


You may have included all your guest accommodations and website on your save the date, so you choose to do a primary invite and rsvp only for your invite.  And you may want to do formal seating and do escort and place cards, or you may want your guests to sit wherever they choose. There is no right or wrong to what you incorporate and what you do not.

Our goal is to brand your wedding details with consistency, personality and customize as few or as many of the details as we are involved with. Our overall goal is that all pieces in your wedding invitation suite coordinate beautifully and share the details you have planned into your wedding; before, during and even after your wedding. (yes, we can create beautiful thank you notes as well!)what-we-offer-meldeen

The joy of creating a custom invitation suite with Méldeen is that there are no ‘rules’. We are a group of creatives that are always willing to push the boundaries and try new things. Our brides are only getting more and more creative with their announcements, invites and day of extras. We are here to help the truly one-of-a-kind couple express themselves with a truly custom experience.

If you are interested in working with Méldeen to help your dreams come to life, be sure to drop us a note! 

Addressing a Perfect Envelope

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Calligraphy and addressing is a labor of love for invites to any event. we get asked frequently why addressing is such an investment, and if they should take the time to add the personal touch themselves. Calligrapher Cheryl Dyer breaks down the details, and how you can make the decision for your event knowing whats involved in doing it yourself.

If you are anything like me, the daily stack of mail that drops through your mail slot has arrived at your home by direction of a computer printed address.  So, on the rare occasion that a hand-lettered (or even hand-scrawled for that matter!) address appears on an envelope it stops me in my tracks.

The address on your wedding invitation is your guest’s first peek into what is in store for your wedding event– why not stop them in their tracks? First impressions matter!

As a professional calligrapher I’ve quite a bit of experience addressing envelopes. I love working with couples who have hired me to do their hand-lettering for them, but I also like to share my experience with brides who choose to do addressing themselves. You certainly can create beautifully done envelopes on your own!

One common addressing problem for brides and grooms is address placement. How do you letter an address so it is an a consistent position on each envelope? How do you make sure your address placement follows straight guidelines? This is particularly difficult when envelopes are darker in color and one can’t place a guide inside.

 What follows is a step-by-step guide:

1. You’ve chosen your envelopes and writing utensil– great start! You’ll also need a cutting board, card stock, Xact-o knife, straight edge, pencil and ruler. 1_envelopes2. Using a pencil, trace around your envelope lightly onto card stock.


3. Cut out your envelope guide using a sharp blade and straight edge.


4. Draw guidelines onto your guide paper with a straight edge and pencil. If you have a t-square, now is the time to use it as it will guarantee level lines.  Make sure the first line is below the mid-point of your envelope– we don’t want your address bumping into the stamp! Draw a base line for each address line and also a line above it to mark the desired height of your lower-case letters. Each set of guidelines should have enough space between them to make sure the address is airy and not compact.


5. Using your sharp blade and a straight edge, cut out the inside of each set of guidelines.


6. Place the guide sheet over your envelope and lightly pencil each set of guidelines on the envelope. If you have the option, use a softer pencil lead.


7. The guidelines are easier to see under a desk lamp.


8. Address your envelopes!


9. After the ink has dried, lightly erase the lines with a soft art eraser.


10. If you are not skilled in calligraphy, there are plenty of options for beautiful opaque ink in mono-line pens.


Cheryl Dyer is a professional calligrapher who resides in Omaha, NE. You can see more of her work at:



The Value of Mature

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Everything You Need to Do in Order to Find Out About Mature Ahead Of You Are Left Behind

Describe why you are not having sex now, and also what exactly you’d have to change in order to begin. Gender is a form or comfort in which you forget your worries . Having sex caused me tremendous amount of pain in the shape of bullying. The longer you want sex, you have the idea! Because when it has to perform gender the devil is in the data. Casual gender is a substantial part of online adult sites.

At the most fundamental terms, adults should become adults and kids should act like children. It’s also common among adults to become more spontaneous and it’s really a huge issue for adults as it could influence their connection with various individuals. Be thankful you might choose to be a grownup. As a result, there are several adult adults that have the qualities of pneumonia, also will not get yourself a suitable diagnosis, because often it’s regarded as a childhood disease.

The Unexpected Truth About Mature

Adult toys can help you get to your target and cross the finish line together. Implementing adult sextoys could be emotionally dangerous. Other Powered Sex Toys you can find a couple of adult sexual toys that use various methods to furnish mechanical stimulation.

The Downside Risk of Mature

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Ladies challenge the status quo as we’re not ever it. Considering that most women don’t possess a climax during sexual activity, she may not be fully delighted about your typical penis duration. The different woman hasn’t been charged. Comparatively few girls say that they like orgasm as a standard adult action to that role of enjoying arousal and orgasm. There is nothing wrong with women only because they do not respond sexually as men are doing.

Ladies utilize fantasy because they must increase their arousal levels from cheaper base amount than men have a tendency to get in first of any sexual activity (masturbation or gender ). Therefore women utilize fantasy during masturbation but nobody suggests exactly what they need to replacement during sex with a partner. Women that are familiar with orgasm from masturbation, do question an absence of climax during sex. Our girls are absolutely the most fascinating women you might ever meet. The girls are just excellent and words are simply not sufficient to describe them.

Adult education is good for a considerably more focused result, providing an even more in-depth understanding of a specific subject matter. An adult student will be the culprit for ensuring the benefit the class is done, not the educator. Ultimately, mature students are accountable for their own commitment to the training course.

Enable the staff know you are interested in starting an adult day care company and ask literature. Luckily, management of ADD in adults is not too late as there continue to be several things an adult can do so as to handle the signs. Determine where you’ll operate your mature special needs day care enterprise.