DIY Techniques: Part 1

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Here at Meldeen, we realize that invitations are only a small part of your big day, but we’ve got big ideas. One of our favorite parts of the paper process is bringing in textural elements that complement your day. We dream in ribbon, twine, fabric and lace. If you are looking to spruce up the traditional invitation suite – throw a bow on it! Literally. Add an element of texture. Get creative. We’ve done everything from doily envelopes to simple envelope liners that add a personal touch. We are always happy to pitch ideas that create dimension for your paper pieces. And sure, before we deliver your invitation suite, we can do all the handiwork for you. One stop shop. No fuss.

But why not treat all the lovely ladies involved in your day to a Craft Party? Make it a relaxing, casual affair and invite your closest girlfriends with the gift for gab. Or have one of your shower hosts incorporate crafting into one of your traditional wedding parties. Wedding planning can be super stressful, and not just for the bride-to-be! The wedding party experiences the stress of party planning, too. Why not give your girls a day off and enjoy each other over champagne cocktails and glue sticks?

We’ve collected three easy DIY techniques from recent clients to get your brain turning about the endless paper possibilities.

1. Invitation Duplexing
Duplexing is a fancy word for glueing two pieces of paper together. You could glue two different sizes together to create a frame effect, or simply construct a paper that’s doubly thick. Get crazy with it and do something asymmetrical, or glue a pocket for the RSVP or info card.


2. Envelope Liners
Bring in a personal element – maybe an illustration or painting that means something to you or your families. Keep it traditional with an extra solid pop of color, or a complimentary pattern. Liner options are endless and we can make custom liners out of pretty much any artwork.


3. Throw a Bow on It
You can tie a bow on almost anything. This is a great option if your wedding party isn’t the craftiest bunch. We’ll send you the paper pieces with holes already punched. Whether it’s your ceremony program or a detail in your invitation suite, you could do this with your eyes closed. If you’re feeling ambitious, pick a more creative bow. Do something different.



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