Notes from the Intern: My summer known as Invites & Instagrams

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Describe your creative process:

I start with thinking of the big picture. Who is going to see my content, what does it need to say, where is it going, and why would someone relish it… Boom! I have my goals, and I ultimately want my work to not only represent myself well but to express all wishes of the client. Of course, my creative process is far from perfect and definitely messy, but that is what White Out is for!

What was Your most unforgettable Méldeen experience?

The morning of our Austin event, Kaleigh and I managed to fit “Méldeen” letter balloons in her tiny, (but darling) mini cooper. We were so impressed that we didn’t lose any of the balloons! Yet, when walking them into the hotel, we slowly watched the “L” float up into the trees. Thank goodness the number “7” balloon at Party City was a close match!


What do you love most about Austin?

The constant buzz! Where else can you find live music, South Congress bridge bats, and people who claim they “work” running around Town Lake at 1 PM? I’m in love. The drive that people have is inspiring and contagious.


What, in your words, is the vision of Méldeen?

Méldeen strives to deliver an exceptional experience throughout every aspect of the bride and grooms’ wedding plans. Creating your invitations, from save-the-dates to post wedding essentials, while connecting ideas and taste is vital. Méldeen’s mantra? Handmade means luxury.


If you had a list of “Best Kept Secrets”, which would you include?

Always check the guest list twice, press “Command S” to save workboards as often as you can, and always have a note pad ready for ideas. Oh, and don’t get a manicure until after assembly days.



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