The Beauty & Benefit to a Small Wedding

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Many couples find celebrating with their nearest and dearest with a divine meal, and a quaint celebration is the best way to revel in their wedding day without feeling the stress of a large gathering – Because Going small has it’s perks!   One of our favorite spaces in Austin is the Hotel St. Cecillia. The moment you walk on their grounds, the smell of incense and the soft sounds of a record player are a welcoming and warm. The large oak trees make you feel right at home.   Although we would like to keep this location our own personal secret, it sure can’t be hidden!   We have asked the special Events coordinator, Emily WaldmaNn to share what she feels is the beauty & benefits  of a small event.

Antonio in main oakCeremony Suite 1

An “intimate” wedding can mean anything from 6 guests, to 60, depending on a variety of factors, especially if both the bride and groom come from large families. Planning a wedding is such an exciting time, and it can feel like you want to include the world (and their plus one) in the festivities, however I am a huge advocate for small weddings.

When the guest count is smaller, you have more time to focus on individualizing the experience for each special person who makes the cut with an invite. You are also less likely to offend those who you may not want to invite—a distant cousin is less likely to take it personally if your guest list is limited to 20, whereas if you invite 200, they may feel snubbed. This leaves more space in budget to focus on the quality of the experience, whether that is an amazing personalized menu created specifically for your guests, beautiful floral arrangements with garden roses abounding, or your favorite band playing acoustically for your first dance as man and wife. Whatever makes you two click as a couple, you have more room to focus on conveying that to your guests.

There will no doubt be amazing food, beautiful flowers and décor, and entertainment abounding, but I always try and remind clients of who the two most important invitees are: The Bride and Groom (and the photographer to capture it all). As guest counts swell, weddings can start to feel more like a production, and less like a celebration of love. Ultimately the day is about you two, and everything else is meant to enhance that special connection.

Because Austin is the live music capital of the world, I liken the experience to a show: of course it’s amazing to see your favorite act at ACL Main Stage with a screaming crowd and pyrotechnics, but years from now, it’s seeing them play an unexpected secret show up close and personal at the Continental Club that will still have you talking.

When you plan a wedding, you are creating an experience for your guests. From invitation to thank you cards, you are making a statement as a couple for what you value and what represents you.

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* PHOTOS SOURCED FROM Hotel St. Cecillia