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Future of Luxury and Eclectic Floral Design

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Antonio Bond is the creative force behind Transplants Floral Design.
he is the resident florist at Hotel Saint Cecilia and the curator of several creative floral pieces for many different types of events. He is a native south Austenite. He finds inspiration in natural elements and loves the patina of age in found objects. He attributes his diverse aesthetic to the variation of the Texas landscape.


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When asked what he sees for the future of luxury and eclectic floral design he had this to say…

“I think that people are ready for flowers to be more than just decor, I think people want to interact and engage with the arrangements, experience them as art. I want people to have a relationship with the arrangement at their table, see it as something unique. I want my pieces to add to the magic of the day. More and more people seem to be moving toward an eclectic, bohemian, familial vibe in weddings these days. The stiff, formal weddings are less popular, which is perfect for me because it allows me to have more freedom in my work. “

What is your creative process when working with a new couple?

“I enjoy incorporating objects that add feeling to each piece; I often ask couples to provide sentimental objects or try to feature items that mirror the couple’s personality. I also infuse all my arrangements with a personal touch and attention to detail that maximize the emotional experience. I have my hands in every piece at some point in it’s production. I want every aspect of the day be moving, be special….that personal attention brings warmth and dimension. “

How you draw inspiration from the location?

“My relationship with St. Cecilia has been an amazing opportunity. St Cecilia has allowed me to push the boundaries with my work, they have given me space to evolve and grow creatively. The look they have cultivated is so thoughtful and attractive. Whenever I do designs for them, I try to be mindful of respecting that aesthetic and designing something that works in partnership with that. I love working at outdoor venues. I like to make things how I imagine they would grow in the wild. I love the shadows produced by each design and how lighting plays off each arrangement. I love texture and dimension.

What’s in your future? The future of Transplants?

“I hope to continue to push the boundaries, as much as my clients will let me. I want to keep trying to create originality. I am a wedding florist by trade, but I would love to see my designs on stages, incorporated in fashion, on moving bodies….I’m always looking for opportunities to try new things.”


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Loot’s Wedding Trends for Fall 2014

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Many thanks to our friends at Méldeen for asking us to share our findings on the wedding trends we’re seeing for fall 2014. We would love to not only hear back from you on any others we might have not mentioned, but which are your favorites!



We are seeing a movement toward nature in simple modern forms. Beach inspired furniture and decor are making waves on the event scene. Think rattan, neutral earthy colors, woven stools and baskets, dried coral, puka shell chandeliers, driftwood and giant clam shell planters. Foraged plants and branches with lush, leafy greens are extremely popular as well and are popping up everywhere from tabletop and cakes to arbors and ceremony aisles.


Clockwise from left: Wild Poppy Goods,, The Travelling Band



A huge trend for Fall is luxe bohemian.  We are able to achieve this classic free-spirited look is through lots of texture and layering of ethnic prints and textiles. Turkish rugs and pillows, African printed fabrics, Moroccan styled furniture and colorful Indian kantha have proven to be a great way to warm up any space all while providing the perfect touch of eclectic elegance.

ethnicClockwise from left: The Life You Love, Taylor Lord,, Paige Newton


Indigo has been hot for some time now, but there is no sign of it dying down anytime soon. We are seeing a plethora of shibori dyed textiles and vintage batik indigo textiles throughout the event scene. We love the bold earthiness this color provides and how well it lends itself to the lush greenery/nature trend.

IndigoClockwise from top left: Gucio Photography,,, Gucio Photography,



This trend is also here to stay for a while. We have seen it evolve from silver to gold to brass and now to copper. We also expect to see more of a mash-up of all these different metallics together this Fall. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!


Clockwise from top left: Jose Villa,,, Jessica Cooper Photography, Brides Magazine,



Simple, modern, bold and edgy all at the same time. We love how an elegant black/white stripe can work well with mixed patterns and bright colors, or just stand alone to create an equally dramatic scene. Adding the lushness of bold greenery creates classic beauty. The versatility of the black and white pairing lends itself to wonderful possibilities.

black+whiteClockwise from top left: Jose Villa,, Clean Plate Pictures,,


Thanks again, Meldeen, for allowing us to share our thoughts and we are looking forward to seeing some awesome gatherings including these trends this Fall! Cheers!