2017 Stamp Costs and Wedding Invitation Rates

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Being in the wedding industry since 2008, we have seen the fluctuation of stamp costs and the changes in the United States Postal Service system. Unfortunately, you are limited to shipping options with your precious invitations.  You have USPS, or a courier service.   From our experience, we have found different post offices say different things, and some allow you to hand cancel or do non-machinable, and some say those things don’t exist (OMG, so annoying!).

January 22, 2017 the postage cost increased again, and we want you to be informed. Anything mailed after 1/22/17 will require the higher postage amount, and for invites this can affect your budget quite quickly.

Let us break it down:



Prior to purchasing postage, Méldeen recommends weighing and test mailing your invite for assurance. When Méldeen is hired to handle your production, purchasing of stamps & mailing, we weigh, do 2 test mailers and package your pretties throughly to your guest’s mailboxes with thorough care to prep for the post office. Although once handed over, we can’t access them again, or know how they are being cared for.


What if USPS damages my invitations?  They do not offer insurance on letters (affordably anyhow),  so we simply have to do all we can to make it as seamless for the postage service prior to handing them over. So you are aware of the facts, the  do say in their most recent distribution report that 30% of invites may experience damage during handling times.

• Be sure to have a secure sealed envelope

• Hand Cancel, or have the USPS system hand cancel whenever possible to avoid machine mailing



Check out this handy shipping calculator to help with postage costs during planning.