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Do’s and Don’ts For Your Wedding Invitations

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Rules are now a thing of the past, and wedding invitations have become a beautiful way to express yourself as a couple, while at the same time getting your message where they need to be. Read through these do’s and don’ts for wedding invitations as a guide to kick off your planning process, and hopefully help you envision what you want for your wedding stationery!
1. DO stick by your theme

Invitations set the tone for weddings, and so you want them to communicate exactly what you need them to, design-wise and theme-wise. If you’re going for a tropical-themed wedding, it is best to make that clear right off the bat by having tropical-themed invitations as well. It’s a fun way to get your guests excited for the unique celebration you’ve got planned!


2. DON’T exclude anyone on the invitation

Saying “No Children” or “No Plus Ones” will definitely come off as rude, and that is the last thing you want on an invitation. Whether your reason is budget-restriction or you simply want to keep the celebration as intimate is possible, you need to clarify this in the most welcoming way possible. Instead of exclusions, be specific with the guests invited instead and indicate the number of seats reserved for that invitation.


3. DO be consistent with your wording

Are you going for a formal ceremony or a casual celebration? Once you know what you want for your wedding, ensure that the wording on your invites communicate that as well, and that they remain consistent across all of the cards you’re sending out — main invite, RSVP card, save the date, etc.


4. DON’T forget to stamp the RSVP cards

As a simple courtesy to your guests, stamp your RSVP cards before you send them out. It will eliminate a huge part of what they have to do to respond (though it really shouldn’t be much), and will even encourage a higher and faster response rate. This is essential for your planning.


5. Do order extra invitations

One of the best ways to remember the biggest day of your life is by saving a copy of your invitation. A lot of couples underestimate their guest list or simply overlook the fact that they will want one for themselves too. Don’t make the same mistake! After all, getting more is better than not getting enough.


6. DON’T limit yourself to templates

There are thousands and thousands of available templates online, but there is an undeniable beauty in having original, unique invitations that are tailored to what you want for your wedding day. After all, your love story, your relationship, and your wedding are one-of-a-kind. Announce your celebration the way you want to be told, in the most beautiful way possible. Are you ready to start the process?


7. DO send thank you notes

The food is gone, the drinks have been served, and the memories of your wedding day are dancing in your head. As a gesture of gratitude, it’s always a good idea to send out thank you notes to your guests. If time permits, personal messages will be even more appreciated. After all, they took time to join you in your celebration, too!


Words by Ayn Bernos, Content Manager for Wedding Favy.