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If you are anything like me, the daily stack of mail that drops through your mail slot has arrived at your home by direction of a computer printed address.  So, on the rare occasion that a hand-lettered (or even hand-scrawled for that matter!) address appears on an envelope it stops me in my tracks.

The address on your wedding invitation is your guest’s first peek into what is in store for your wedding event– why not stop them in their tracks? First impressions matter!

As a professional calligrapher I’ve quite a bit of experience addressing envelopes. I love working with couples who have hired me to do their hand-lettering for them, but I also like to share my experience with brides who choose to do addressing themselves. You certainly can create beautifully done envelopes on your own!

One common addressing problem for brides and grooms is address placement. How do you letter an address so it is an a consistent position on each envelope? How do you make sure your address placement follows straight guidelines? This is particularly difficult when envelopes are darker in color and one can’t place a guide inside.

What follows is a step-by-step guide on solving this problem.

1. You’ve chosen your envelopes and writing utensil– great start! You’ll also need a cutting board, card stock, Xact-o knife, straight edge, pencil and ruler.

2. Using a pencil, trace around your envelope lightly onto card stock.

3. Cut out your envelope guide using a sharp blade and straight edge.

4. Draw guidelines onto your guide paper with a straight edge and pencil. If you have a t-square, now is the time to use it as it will guarantee level lines.  Make sure the first line is below the mid-point of your envelope– we don’t want your address bumping into the stamp! Draw a base line for each address line and also a line above it to mark the desired height of your lower-case letters. Each set of guidelines should have enough space between them to make sure the address is airy and not compact.

5. Using your sharp blade and a straight edge, cut out the inside of each set of guidelines.

6. Place the guide sheet over your envelope and lightly pencil each set of guidelines on the envelope. If you have the option, use a softer pencil lead.

7. The guidelines are easier to see under a desk lamp.

8. Address your envelopes!

9. After the ink has dried, lightly erase the lines with a soft art eraser.

10. If you are not skilled in calligraphy, there are plenty of options for beautiful opaque ink in mono-line pens.

Cheryl Dyer is a professional calligrapher who resides in Omaha, NE. You can see more of her work at:


The Best Wedding Gift I Gave Myself

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The months, weeks and days leading up to your wedding can be an emotional roller coaster. You want to savor each moment of the planning, but you are trying to get to the anticipated morning after, knowing you have begun your adventure with your husband.  Michelle is a friend of ours here at Méldeen.
Her words always make us reach deep in ourselves and reflect the areas we haven’t come to terms with. be inspired by her personal day-of journey and follow her on her blog.


cruz wedding-159The Best Wedding Gift I Gave Myself
Michelle Pimm

Once the ring was on my finger something changed. In that memorable blur-of-a-moment I was suddenly no longer someone’s girlfriend. I was his fiancé. And six months later, I would be his wife. An entire network of friends and family found out and everything changed. It alarmed me. It thrilled me. More so, it made me nervous to lose my last name. A name that I had written down countless times in my life. I’m an avid follower of tradition but this decision did not come easy. In my mind, taking his last name meant I’d be losing a bit of myself and all the years it took to love the name and person behind it. A new name also meant that I’d be a wife. The pressure of getting that right also seemed daunting. By no means did I have a signature dish and plants lasted mere days under my watch.

In the months leading up to my wedding, I became obsessed with the thought of pleasing everyone. Family members bombard me with suggestions and request to have relatives attend my union that I hadn’t seen in decades. Small details suddenly became large decisions. There were opinions. So, so many opinions. Thoughts of taking my husbands name lingered in the back of my head. I knew how much it meant to him, but I had to be okay with the resolution. So I made my last decision. It was to enjoy the process and overcome pressure of pleasing others.

It might have been best wedding gift I gave myself. I knew in my heart that everyone meant well. Everyone wants us to be happy. This big event is really about two people. Us. Getting married. It was that simple.

So I decided to let the pressure go to enjoy the moments.

I married the guy that slipped a ring on my finger in that blurry moment. And I took his name because I wanted to. I knew I was the same girl. Another ring was slipped on my finger and everything changed and it was perfect.