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How To Correctly Word Your Wedding RSVP Card

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Your invite wording is checked off your list, and now you are wondering how formal, funky, or traditional you want to phrase your wedding RSVP card.how to correctly word your wedding rsvp cardOld traditions are a blank card that would be provided for the guest to write a hand-written response if they would be attending, and add blessings for the couple. Now, we provide more of a form for guests to provide info you need to plan your day-of properly. You will provide them a card, and adequate postage for its return back to you.

correctly word wedding RSVP card

Wedding RSVP cards or ‘Response Cards’ are standard in all invitation suites however, ceremony only weddings do not require them.

Let’s break it down…

Response Request Line & Date

Kindly Reply, Respond, Favour, Favor?!

Most Simplistic:

RSVP by the 6th of June

Reply by the 6th of June

Kindly Reply by the 6th of June

Kindly Respond by the 6th of June

*The date can be 6th or sixth

Most Traditional:

The honour of your presence is requested by the sixth of June (for weddings held in a church)

The honor of your presence is requested by the sixth of June (for weddings held outside a place of worship)

The pleasure of your company is requested by the sixth of June

About the “reply by” date:

It is crucial for you, your caterer and venue to have an accurate head count day-of. We recommend 1-2 weeks before your vendors request your final numbers which makes your RSVP by date typically about 3-4 weeks before the wedding.

“Fill in the Blank” Name Line

What’s that darn “M_________________” on the rsvp card and why? It’s another “traditional” fill in the blank and this is how you should use it:

Ms. Jillian Williams 

Mr. and Mrs. James Carter

Mr. James Carter

Ms. Jillian Williams and Guest (if you have a plus one)

Mr. James Carter and Guest (if you have a plus one)

Alternatives to the “M” is simply saying “Name:”


Accepts & Regrets Line(s)

This is the fun part of an RSVP card – mix and match, make your own, or use these pairings:

• Yes // No

• Accept // Declines 

• Accepts with Pleasure // Declines with Regret

• Joyfully Accepts // Regretfully Declines

• Attending // Not Attending

• Let’s Party // I’m Missing Out

• Can’t Wait // Can’t Come

• Toasting // Toasting from Afar

• Wouldn’t Miss it for the World // I’ll Be There in Spirit

• Oh Yeah! // Boo, Can’t Make it!

Number Attending Line

Most often this is placed under the “accepts” line.

It can be overall: “Number Attending”

or if you need to know a children count stack these two:

“Number of Adults Attending”

“Number of Children Attending”

Optional Meal Selection

BUFFET: You can use the “Number Attending” above.

SAME ENTREE FOR ALL: You can use the “Number Attending” above.

IF YOU ARE OFFERING A CHILDREN’S MEAL:  Add the  “Number of Children Attending”

PLATED MEAL WITH ESCORT CARDS: You will show icons or words for meal selection and have them place a # beside their choice.

PLATED MEAL WITH ESCORT & PLACE CARDS: You will show icons or words for meal selection and have them place the guests initials beside their choice.

IN ADDITION: There may be some people in your guest list who you might be unaware have special dietary restrictions, it’s not uncommon to ask if they have special diet requirements!

As you know, we believe every wedding is different, and this RSVP card is a great place to share your personalities, and ask for personalized info.

Some additional, more casual, and fun things couples sometimes include are:

• Guests needing transportation (if you are providing it)

• Date of guests arrival

• Where guests are making their accommodations

• Asking for a song request

• Mad-lib style layout

So what are you waiting for? Let’s start wording those wedding RSVP cards and get your guests to your wedding.